So you’ve launched. Now what?

The team at Now Creative Group has offered individual services and packages such as the Start Now package for years, and for larger clients, monthly retainers are offered. However, we often receive requests from smaller businesses, startups and individual entrepreneurs for a variety of services that could be an overwhelming upfront cost.

To address this and keep the momentum going, we are offering the option to let Now take care of the running list of items you need to be done, without worrying about individual quotes and costs. Simply make monthly payments and we’ll take care of it for your startup’s marketing needs. We know that big upfront costs can eat up valuable startup capital (even more of a challenge when you’re bootstrapping), so we created this option to make support more accessible.

Create a task list, and Now will check it off for you.

Each month, you can evaluate your priorities coming up, and that is what Now will focus on.

The menu of service options are available for you to select, and Now’s team to work our way through, as the months go by (and you continue to focus on growing and running your business).

So, what’s included exactly?

Choose what you need most, that month. Service options (one per month) include:

  • Design
    • Beginner: business cards, letterhead, 9 social media graphics
    • Sales Assets (sell sheets, brochures etc.), Pitch Deck Template
  • Social
    • Strategy ongoing or campaign specific
    • Beginner content creation or campaign-specific content creation
    • Management and monitoring
  • More
    • We’re constantly evolving our offering, so if you have a special request for a service to be added to your monthly package before starting, let us know!

One Monthly Price
Introductory Offer: $999/month
Regular Rate: $1249/month

Start this summer to lock in your rate for 1 year.

Maintain Momentum

Commit to continued growth.

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